PlusBit is a simple and secure multicurrency wallet to store, receive and send cryptocurrencies.

Device-based security

The private keys to your blockchain assets are generated and encrypted locally and stored on your device. These keys are never stored in the cloud and they remain 100% in your control.

Easy Login

Use your Biometrics such as fingerprint to Log into your account.

Send "Max"

Use "MAX" button to send all of the available balance (excluding the network fee).


Selectable transaction fee

PlusBit wallet allows for a custom fee rate to be set which allows users to select their level of urgency: Economy, Standard or Fast.

No hidden fee

Other than the fees that go to the network, PlusBit does not charge fees for sending or receiving.

Simple & Sleek Design

Aiming to create an easy-to-use and satisfying user experience. Just takes one click to add and manage digital assets.


Multi-Asset Support

Bitcoin, DASH, ZEL and ILC. Long term or short term, hold your assets safely.

Open Source

Our core wallet technology is, and will always be, open-source and free.

Unlock Wallet

Password protection for each transaction.

Be in control

You are in full control of your private keys.

Change fiat currency

See the current price of assets in your wallet in your local currency, over 30 FIAT currency pairings.

Calendar Input

Schedule your appointments, meetings and periodical evaluations using the provided in-app calendar option

Visual Editor

Leno provides a well designed and ergonomic visual editor for you to edit your notes and input data

Good Foundation

Get a solid foundation for your self development efforts. Try Leno mobile app for any mobile platform

Easy Reading

Reading focus mode for long form articles, ebooks and other materials which involve large text areas

Monitoring Tools Evaluation

Monitor the evolution of your finances and health state using tools integrated in Leno. The generated real time reports can be filtered based on any desired criteria.


Supported Digital Assets

Download the app and start building your portfolio today.

PlusBit is available in 150+ countries You can find the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.




Fahim Altınordu

Founder & Head of Business


William Kibbler

Head Developer


Servet Arslan

POS Developer


Semih Düzcen

Documentation & Wiki